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lightspark: An open source flash player implementation
Version NEXT:
* fix several rendering issues
* implement support for Stage3D
* partially implement MorphShape rendering
* add support for llvm 5.0
* remove gtk2 dependency
* fix Reference counting, significantly reduces memory usage
Version 0.8:
* make NPAPI plugin windowless, now it works on Firefox > version 52
* add ppapi plugin for use with chromium based browsers
* switch to SDL2/SDL2_mixer for everything except Firefox plugin.
- the plugin uses gtk2 to interact with Firefox, so the gtk2 dependency is only needed when building the Firefox plugin
- removes audio plugins as audio is now handled via SDL2_mixer for all platforms.
- removes the pulseaudio dependency
- the configuration setting [audio] is no longer needed
* implement rendering of embedded fonts in TextFields
* fix handling of multiple streams in SDL audio plugin, adds dependency on sdl_mixer
* switch to internal xml parsing (based on pugixml), removes dependency on libxml++
* compilation using clang possible
* implement several missing opcodes
* fix serialization
* implement data generation mode
* support for avmplus classes (mostly stubs)
* Support LLVM up to version 4.0
* fix event dispatcher handling
* several fixes for object initialization
* partially implement AMF0 decoding
* complete rework of XML subsystem
* Support embedded audio
* Implement JSON parsing
Version 0.7.2:
* Improved image support: alpha in palettes, abbreviated JPEGs
* Improved embedded font parsing and text positioning
* Open links in a browser (plugin only)
* BitmapData improvements
* Fixed many crashes
Version 0.7.1:
* Fixes for YouTube
* Support keyboard press and release events
* Support mouse wheel events and other mouse event improvements
* Support LLVM 3.2
* Implemented hit testing of DisplayObjects
* Parse JPEG images embedded in DefineBits tags
* Parse RGB15 and paletted images in DefineBitsLossless tags
* Improved XML support
Version 0.7.0:
* Support LZMA compressed SWFs [Requires liblzma]
* Improved BitmapData support
* Improved ActionScript compatibility
* Improved virtual machine performance and memory consumption
* Improved XML support
* Experimental support for bytecode optimization at runtime
* Improved ExternalInterface (browser integration) support
* Improved performance of JPEG loading
* Support for XMLSocket
* Completely redesigned and improved masking support
Version 0.6.0:
* Enable RTMP support by default, requires librtmp
* Fixed support for IEventDispatcher implementation pattern
* Improved serialization robustness
* Improved matrix handling
* Implement string and namespace pooling to reduce memory consumption
* Proper support for private namespaces
* Improved support for fonts
* Support LLVM 3.1
* Fix full volume issue when PulseAudio flat volumes are enabled
* Initial support for AIR desktop applications
* Support for video player
Version 0.5.7:
* Fixed a few memory leaks
* Improved support for BitmapData::draw
* Support for BitmapData::copyPixels
* Support for soft masking
* Support for memory usage profiling (massif compatible)
Version 0.5.6:
* Fix YouTube support for several videos
* Support for custom serialization/deserialization
* Support RPC (NetConnection::call)
* Support for PNG images
* Experimental support for Google Street View
Version 0.5.5:
* Support Firefox 10
* Fixed mutiple bugs
* Fix YouTube support
* Look for LLVM-3.0 when building
Version 0.5.4:
* Fix build against LLVM-3.0
* Drop OpenAL backend
* ENABLE_RTMP=1 by default
* Many fixes for crashers and hangs
* API additions and fixes to XML, Vector, Matrix
* Code cleanups
Version 0.5.3:
* Support playing RTMP streams from Flash Media Server when
compiled with ENABLE_RTMP=1
* Fixed several memory leaks
* Ported Lightspark to windows, including a firefox plugin
* Fixed multiple hangs and crashes
* Patch version to fix up reported version.
Version 0.5.2:
* Requires llvm 2.8
* Added LIGHTSPARK_PLUGIN_PARAMFILE environment variable to let the
plugin write parameter files that are compatible with lightsparks '-p'
commandline switch
* Many bugfixes and changes to the VM that make many more tests pass
* Reorganized code that implements the Flash and AS3 API into
directories and files that more closely match the respective package
and class hierarchies
Version 0.5.1:
* Misc fixes to better support YouTube, Vimeo, Flowplayer
* VM correctness improvements
* Support for AS templates
* Dropped half-finished AVM1 support
* Support for EGL/GLES2 rendering
* Support for loading external JPEGs
* Better text handling(e.g. coloring)
* Improved test runner, support for the Tamarin testsuite
* Various API fixes for bugs uncovered by the testsuite
* Dropped mozilla dependency, use internal NPAPI headers
* Added LIGHTSPARK_PLUGIN_LOGLEVEL environment variable to control the log level of the browser
Version 0.5.0:
* Improved XML support
* Improved FFMpeg based media playback
* Improved robustness
* Improved ExternalInterface (browser communication)
* Improved masking support
* Improved alpha support
* Support capture phase of the event flow
* Support SimpleButton
* Support audio volume
* Support for introspection of ActionScript objects (describeType)
* Support for AMF3 serialization
* Support plugin resize
* Support for dynamic text
* Remove SDL dependency from the core
* Removed Fontconfig and FTGL dependencies
* Added SDL based audio backend
* More GLES compliant
* Faster shader code
Version 0.4.8
* Reduced memory usage on streaming videos
* Fixed a couple of refcounting bugs
* Improved robustness when parsing broken XML
Version 0.4.8 RC1
* Experimental Vimeo support
* Cleaned up Shape support
* Improved Timer support
* Support for JPEG parsing
* Improved reference counting
* Support for static text
* MP4 support (FFMpeg based)
* Fix YouTube breakage
Version 0.4.7
* Fix YouTube breakage
* More robustness against deadlocks
* Implement
* XML fixes
* Browser plugin is now built by default
* Fix YouTube breakage
Version 0.4.6:
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Vastly improved gradient support
* Fixed a large amount of graphics glitches
* Add support for upcoming Gnash release 0.8.9
* Add profiling support for ActionScript code
* Add support for muting all sounds using the 'm' key
* Add support for copying error messages using the 'c' key in plugin
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Add support for AMF3 parsing
* Experimental support for PowerPC Linux
Version 0.4.5
* Added --version command line option
Version 0.4.5 RC1:
* Use Advanced Graphics Engine
* Masking and clipping support
* Add support for cross-domain policy files
* Pluginized architecture for audio backends
* Disk based caching for downloads
* Fixes a crash when using flashblock
Version 0.4.4:
* Localization support
* Exception handling support
* More robust network handling
* Stream controls (Play/Pause)
Version 0.4.3:
* Liquid layout support
* Several small bug fixes
Version 0.4.3 RC1:
* Faster rendering of the input layer
* Reduced memory consumption
* Support for H263/MP3 videos
* Smoother playback of audio and video
* Bugfix release
* Fallback on Gnash for older clips
* Small bugfix
Version 0.4.2:
* Use fontconfig to select fonts
* Nore efficient handling of read only strings
* Greater compatibility with youtube videos
* Better compatibility with radeon cards
* Sound synchronization
* Chrome/Chromium support
* Firefox's OOPP support
Version 0.4.1:
* Optimized rendering of simple graphics
* First youtube support
Version 0.4.0 RC3:
* Also use NPOT if available
Version 0.4.0 RC2:
* Better support for older intel cards
Version 0.4.0 RC1:
* Better stability, the plugin should not crash
* Use Power-Of-Two sized textures for better compatibility
Version 0.3.9:
* More complete cleanup of GL resources
Version 0.3.8:
* Solved deadlock issues when using FlashBlock
Version 0.3.7:
* Improved stability and relaxed graphics requirements
Version 0.3.6:
* Be more careful about glew initialization