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You can get the Flex 4 SDK at:
Flex 4 SDK is assumed to be installed in $FLEX_ROOT
To compile and run the test suite run:
Run "./tests --help" inside tests/ to see scripts usage.
Compiling tests manually inside the tests/ directory:
$FLEX_ROOT/bin/mxmlc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries -compiler.omit-trace-statements=false test.mxml -output test.swf
Creating new testcases
Use template.mxml as a template for new testcases.
We've provided a simple Tests class which should be used where
possible to test general behaviour of AS classes. See for its
Please use a naming scheme as follow:
For toplevel classes: tests/CLASSNAME_test.mxml (CLASSNAME is the
exact name of the class/function)
For other classes: tests/NAMESPACE_CLASSNAME_test.mxml (NAMESPACE is
for example "net" for "" classes/functions, e.g.:
Please group all tests for one class in one file.
Tests that aren't suitable for testing with the Tests class should be
put in here. (e.g.: testing video playing, StageScaleMode testing
etc...). The naming schemes still apply to these testcases though.
Tests for unimplemented features.
Tests aimed at measuring runtime performance.
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