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Steps used to make a new release
Here's what was used to release 0.5.2. In the future slight changes will be needed to adjust for the version numbers
Make the tarball
Make sure all supported sites work and there are no regressions.
When you consider the tree good to release and have the changelog updated go to a git checkout
$cd lightspark
Bump version in CMakeLists.txt and commit the change
tag it
$git tag lightspark-0.5.2
$git push --tags origin master
make a tarball of it
$git archive --format tar --prefix=lightspark-0.5.2/ lightspark-0.5.2 |gzip -9 >../lightspark-0.5.2.tar.gz
sign the tarball for publishing on Launchpad
$gpg --armor --sign --detach-sig lightspark-0.5.2.tar.gz
Bump debian/changelog version as that is used by the daily Ubuntu package builds in Launchpad.
$dch -i
Upload to Launchpad
Currently only available to project managers (Alessandro and Jani).
Create milestone and release in this interface, name both lightspark-0.5.2
LP will prompt for descriptions, changelogs and uploads of .tar.gz and .asc files.
Mark bugs from "Fix committed" to "Fix released"