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Commits on Aug 17, 2011
  1. @timonvo
  2. @timonvo
  3. @janimo

    Fix GLES2 codepath for texture chunk handling.

    janimo authored
    Replace slow and hackish code with slow code. Now the same size for texture
    chunk is used for GLES2 as for desktop GL, and extra memory copies are
    used to prepare a contiguous memory block for glTexSubImage2D().
  4. @janimo

    Remove EGL setup debug message

    janimo authored
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
  1. @timonvo
  2. @timonvo

    flash.sensors: Added dummy Accelerometer class

    Marcin 'exine' M authored timonvo committed
    Currently it just returns that it isn't unsupported. It can even stay
    this way for now, since Flash's doc states that it's available only on
    mobile devices.
  3. @timonvo

    Fixed typo in Array_test

    Marcin 'exine' M authored timonvo committed
  4. @timonvo

    top level: Added Array.toLocaleString()

    Marcin 'exine' M authored timonvo committed
    Array.toLocalString() in ActionScript 3.0 returns the same as
    .toString(), so creating an alias for it is perfectly fine.
  5. @timonvo

    Simplify startup path a bit by _always_ starting the SystemState from…

    timonvo authored
    … SystemState::needsAVM2() and _never_ from SystemState::setEngineData().
  6. @timonvo

    Rename some classes/methods to better represent what they do.

    timonvo authored
    EngineCreator and SystemState::createEngines() don't actually _create_ any
    engines, they just start them (indirectly) and start the VM. So rename
    them SystemStarter and SystemState::start() respectively.
    EngineData::setupMainThreadCallback() doesn't actually _set up_ a
    callback. It just _performs_ the callback. So rename it
  7. @timonvo

    Add 'render mode' command line option, allowing one to specify whether

    timonvo authored
    or not to play sound and/or video. (Actual support for the switch has
    not been implemented yet.)
    This commit also splits EngineData into EngineData and GtkEngineData.
    There are now 4 EngineData classes:
    * EngineData: the main EngineData class. Serves both as superclass and
        as the EngineData class to use for headless execution.
    * GtkEngineData: the base class for GTK-based EngineData classes
    * StandaloneEngineData: the EngineData class for the standalone GTK player
    * PluginEngineData: the EngineData class for the (GTK based) plugin
    All GTK code in main.cpp and swf.cpp has been moved to the GtkEngineData
    class and/or it's subclasses.
  8. @timonvo
  9. @timonvo
  10. @timonvo
  11. @janimo

    Merge pull request #105 from eXine/master

    janimo authored
    2 small changes
  12. Removal of unnecessary assert() call

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  13. Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  14. top level: Fixed exposing of Array.some()

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  15. @janimo

    Add stubs for esc_xelem and esc_xattr AVM2 opcodes.

    janimo authored
    They currently just convert to string and do not properly escape to XML
    elems and attributes as described in ECMA-357 section 10.0
    Still this makes the new YouTube player with high definition videos
    work instead of crashing.
  16. @janimo

    Spelling fixes

    janimo authored
  17. @timonvo
Commits on Aug 15, 2011
  1. @timonvo

    Merge pull request #104 from eXine/master

    timonvo authored
    Array.some() implementation
  2. top level: implemented Array.some()

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  3. @timonvo

    Merge pull request #94 from aajanki/flowplayer-fixes

    timonvo authored
    Flowplayer fixes
  4. @timonvo

    Merge pull request #102 from eXine/master

    timonvo authored
    Array.every() implementation
  5. tests/tests now passes -compiler.debug=true to mxmlc

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  6. Added testcase for Array.every()

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
  7. toplevel: Add implementation of Array.every()

    Marcin 'exine' M authored
Commits on Aug 13, 2011
  1. @timonvo
  2. @remic
  3. @remic

    Implement rollOver/Out.

    remic authored
    This is a bit hackish, but the behavior of those two events are really specific
  4. @remic

    SimpleButton over and out

    remic authored
  5. @remic
  6. @remic

    Fix missing default parameter.

    remic authored
  7. @remic

    Little mouseMove fix

    remic authored
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