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mgehre commented Dec 10, 2011


currently it's quite hard to see which parts of AS3/ecma are implemented and which are missing.
There are already a lot of LOG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED in the code, but not everywhere.

I therefore propose to do a (incremental) code review of the whole codebase. For each AS3/ecma function
(like XMLList.valueOf or DisplayObject.parent etc), we add a /* @spec-checked */ (or something like this) tag
if the functionality exactly matches the description in the specification. (For ecma methods, one could also add the section in the spec like ecma, for as3 methods there is usually no better spec than the adobe online help)

If there are missing parts, hacks, or wrong implementations, they should also be flagged as such (probably by a LOG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED).

This should make the codebase more sane and reliable on the one hand, and debugging easier (due to more LOG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) on the other hand.

What are your thoughs on this?


janimo commented Dec 10, 2011

Sounds good to me. The top-level CONTRIBUTING file should describe this too and a page in the wiki with a link to all the relevant specs to check against.

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