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Bug Report: Audio "echo" (2nd loop) with delay of approx. 3 minutes #203

TiriliPiitPiit opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hardware: Samsung Melroi R510 with GeForce 9200M GS

OS: Slackware Linux 13.37 32bit

Browser: Seamonkey

Lightspark version:

When opening a video like after a while (for example 3,xx minutes) another loop of the video's audio starts to play in the background (same volume).
So we have 2 traces of audio now, whereat the first one is the correct sound which belongs to the current video time and the second one is an echo with a delay of 3,xx minutes.

When running
ps ax | grep pulse
the output is
2592 ? Sl 0:01 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start

Sorry for bad English!


It works for me. Are you able to open the audio settings and post a screenshot of the 'applications' tab?

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