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failure testing #211

0daydigger opened this Issue Oct 22, 2012 · 3 comments

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Hey guys.
I've downloaded the source and compiled it successfully. However, when testing i came across the problem that many SWF files are failed to be tested . The exit code is 124. The message looks like this:

tamarin-SWF/as3/Definitions/Interfaces/Lattice_.swf failed with exit value 1
tamarin-SWF/as3/Definitions/Interfaces/bug127174_.swf failed with exit value 1
tamarin-SWF/as3/Definitions/Packages/AccessClassByFullyQualifiedName_.swf failed with exit value 124
tamarin-SWF/as3/Definitions/Packages/AccessDefaultPackageClassGlobally_.swf failed with exit value 124

they're so many so i'm considering if i made something wrong. could anyone help? thanks a lot.
and , btw the testing processing is damned slow. and i've tried to search this error message on google but i got nothing.
i'd be very appreciate if someone can help.

Lightspark member
mgehre commented Oct 22, 2012

exit code 124 is the timeout cmd telling us that lightspark took too long to execute the testcase (see man timeout).
The timeout is fixed so 10 seconds, I think. So you may see a lot of them if your PC is slower then the other developers PCs.
for the test results on our continuous integration system.


Thx 4 u help, I'm very appreciate. thank you :)

aajanki commented May 18, 2013

To make it clearer, the test script now prints "timeout" as the reason of the failure instead of the exit code.

@aajanki aajanki closed this May 18, 2013
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