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rendering: show error message on exception in render thread #165

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mgehre commented Dec 11, 2011

Could someone with gtk experience fix this commit?

The idea is to show a error message by creating a gtk button with a given label.

But the attached code does not show any gtk button after the exception is thrown in RenderThread::init().
Changing the background color to 'red' works though.

Any ideas?

devkral commented Jan 27, 2013

I now see why it doesn't work:
you need to remove the previous child via

aajanki commented Jan 30, 2013

@devkral, can you provide a patch? I can't make gtk_container_remove to work, because the widget is the toplevel window (in the standalone case) which can't be removed.

Maybe the rendering should be done on a child widget, which could be swapped to a label when an error occurs.

devkral commented Feb 5, 2013

yes of course, sorry, I didn't see that you answered until now

devkral commented Feb 6, 2013

sorry, I was wrong, gtk_container_remove don't work and I tried some hours replacing a widget but no success. But may can my code help you (see testing2 branch)


Anyone has a link to swf which can cause an exception in this render thread?

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