Reporting Bugs

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We are sorry for any problem you found in Lightspark. We are doing our best to do things properly, but the things to do are many, the time is limited, and we are far from perfect :-)

Anyway, we ask you kindly to take a few minutes to report a bug for issues you find, please follow these few guidelines to help us in tackling the problem:


On Launchpad

We also have an issue tracker on Github, which is only intended for internal issue tracking, please do not report bugs on Github, but only on the Launchpad bug tracker.


First of all a bit of terminology:

Failure You receive a black window instead of the flash content with a white text such as We're sorry, Lightspark encountered a yet unsupported Flash file

Crash Your browser crashes (e.g. browser window disappears) or the browser tells that A plugin as crashed or similar message.

Unsupported Lightspark shows something, but not enough to be usable

Glitch Lightspark shows most of the content, which is usable, but still something looks wrong

We are especially interested in Crash events, since they should really not happen. But please report all kind of problems.


This is a minimal amount of information that is critical for us to track down the issue

  1. Public URL of the web site causing the problem. Flash application available only after login or only in specific countries are more difficult to debug.

  2. If the problem is reproducible by just accessing the site or if any special actions are required (e.g. Click on the lower left corner to get the crash). Also report if the problem seems to happen at random

  3. The distribution and architecture you are using

  4. The graphics card and driver you are using, especially if reporting a graphics glitch

  5. A backtrace listing, if reporting a crash.