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  1. lsx

    LSX is a minimalistic WordPress theme that allows users to create fast, efficient and attractive websites that are feature-rich. The theme displays perfectly on all desktop and portable devices.

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  2. tour-operator

    The Tour Operators Plugin provides 3 post types (Accommodations, Destinations and Tours) that are the core of any Tour Operator. Use them to build day-by-day itineraries for tours.

    PHP 3 1

  3. lsx-starter-plugin

    Use the LSX Starter Plugin for building your own extensions for the LSX theme, expanding its already vast functionalities.


  4. lsx-sharing

    LSX Sharing adds buttons to posts that site visitors can use to share site content to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Works on both LSX and on Storefront.


  5. lsx-starter-child-theme

    Use the LSX Starter Child Theme for building your LSX compatible Child Themes, expanding LSX's vast functionalities.


  6. wetu-importer

    Allows destination, accommodation and tour content to be imported via the wetu.com API to populate Accommodation. Destination and Tour post types from the Tour Operator Plugin.


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