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Lightstreams Smart Vault Dashboard app showcase an example of a decentralize app (Dapp) using Lightstreams Smart Vault SDK in a NodeJS.

Using this DApp you will be able to upload your files uploaded into a Lightstreams Smart Vault node and manage the its distribution and acceptability. In addition you will be able to also request access to other users files and manage the pending request to your own content made by other users.


Create an account




Your user wallet


Upload file

Upload file

My files

You can see the list of files you uploaded and which users have access to them. By clicking on one of the little icon you can revoke the access to the users at anytime.

My Files

Also you can download the content of the files you uploaded.

Grant access to file

Grant access to other users to your content without waiting for a access request.

Grant access to file

Request access to other user file

Insert the username of other user and load the list of available items of this user. By clicking on the locker icon you will send a access request to the file owner. In case you already got access to the file it will display the download action.

Pending request

Manage pending access requests

On this section it will listed the pending access requests from other users to your files.

Request file access

Freemium Model

This project implements a simple freemium model to fund users activity within the platform. The source for this funding come from two different sources.

The first of them is what it was called stake holder account. This account is linked to every instance of the server application and it is funding the creation of new users through its own endpoints.

The second funding source is an Faucet smart contract 0xdf81615E44b34C7015bF148De30526A4863c0DcD which will fund the activity of users up to 10 PHTs. This smart contract can be top up by every entity interested in the growth of the project.

Once users exceeds the initial 10 PHTs they can request more tokens for their accounts contacting Lightstreams Dev Team either Telegram or on the Discuss forum

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