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In this page we are going to explain how to use MetaMask to connect to Lightstreams networks and send token to other users.

MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to connect to your ethereum blockchain using RPC protocol in your browser. MetaMask secures your identity providing a identit y manager to sign transaction in the blockchain.


MetaMask can be installed as an add-on for your favorite browser Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Visit official website to know more and to install the add-on.


Log in or sign up to your MetaMask application.


Create/Import Accounts

Click on “Expand View” to open in MetaMask in a new tab and manage your accounts and network in a better interface.


You can create a new account by clicking on "Create Account" or restore your MetaMask Wallet using the secret backup phrase you should have saved during the account creation. MetaMask also support Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.



MetaMask engages the connection to any Ethereum compatible network using the RPC protocol. By default, MetaMask lists the most popular Ethereum networks, such as MainNet, Rinkeby and Ropsten. But you can also connect to a local node running on port :8545 or any other endpoint Custom RPC.


Connect to Lightstreams networks

Lightstreams team provides two RPC endpoints for each of its running networks, Sirius and Mainnet. To create a new connector just click on Custom RPC from the above screenshot.

Lightstreams MainNet

Network Name: Lightstreams Mainnet
ChainID: 163
Symbol: PHT


Lightstreams Sirius (Testnet)

Network Name: Lightstreams Sirius
ChainID: 162
Symbol: PHT


Transfer Tokens

To be able to transfer tokens, firstly, you need to hold them. Currently our team is working in the integration of PHT to major exchanges. In meanwhile you might request FREE TOKENS for Sirius by our discuss forum or in our telegram dev group.

From your account dashboard click on Send to start the transfer of your tokens


Set a destination address in to, amount to be sent Amount and click in Advanced Options and set the amount Gas Price to 500 GWEI.

new_account new_account

Click in Save and Confirm and wait for few seconds till you receive the confirmation as follow:


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