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Example Browser App on Lightstreams Network

A decentralized application running on the Lightstreams Network


You can create a new account (i.e. wallet) and login with that account.


This app features the latest tools and best practices for development.

  • React — 16.7.0-alpha.0 with Hooks
  • Redux — State Management
  • 🛠 Babel — ES6 syntax, Airbnb & React/Recommended config
  • 🚀 Webpack — Hot Reloading, Code Splitting, Optimized Build
  • 💅 CSS — Styled Components
  • Tests — Jest, React Testing Library & Cypress
  • 💖 Lint — ESlint
  • 🐶 Husky — Prevent bad commits

Getting started

  1. Clone this repo using
  2. Move to the appropriate directory: cd example-browser.
  3. Run yarn or npm install to install dependencies.
  4. Run npm start to see the example app at http://localhost:8080.


  • npm start - start the dev server
  • npm run build - create a production ready build in build folder
  • npm run lint - execute an eslint check
  • npm run lint:fix - execute an eslint and fix the errors
  • npm test - run all tests
  • npm run test:watch - run all tests in watch mode
  • npm run test:cover - coverage mode
  • npm run cypress:open - starts cypress
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