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Javascript SDK for the Lightstreams Gateway API
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Lightstreams JS SDK

This repository is a Javascript SDK to facilitate the usage of functionalities implemented in the Lightstreams node (also known as the Lightstreams Gateway node, or simply Gateway), http api.


How to use

Install node module

Install lightstreams-js-sdk as part of your project dependencies:

npm install git+ssh:// --save

Sample usage

const Gateway = require('lightstreams-js-sdk')
const gateway = Gateway('')

Once LightstreamsSDK is initialized you interact with it as follow:

// Get user balance
const account = "0xa981f8ca77d069d79b609ca0069b052db79e7e30"
const { balance } = await gateway.wallet.balance(account)

Available Methods

Gateway SDK interface is made to match, one to one, every available smart vault endpoints.

  • /user/signup -> gateway.user.signUp(password)

  • /user/signin -> gateway.user.signIn(account, password)

  • /wallet/balance -> gateway.wallet.balance(account)

  • /wallet/transfer -> gateway.wallet.transfer(from, password, to, amountWei)

  • /storage/add ->, password, file)

  • /storage/fetch ->, token, stream)

  • /acl/grant -> gateway.acl.grant(acl, owner, password, to, permission)

  • /acl/revoke -> gateway.acl.revoke(acl, owner, password, to)

  • /acl/grant-public -> gateway.acl.grantPublic(acl, owner, password)

  • /acl/revoke-public -> gateway.acl.revokePublic(acl, owner, password)

  • /shop/create ->, password)

  • /shop/shell ->, from, password, acl, priceWei)

  • /shop/buy ->, from, password, acl)

  • /erc20/balance -> gateway.erc20.balance(erc20_address, account)

  • /erc20/transfer -> gateway.erc20.transfer(erc20_address, from, password, to, amount)

  • /erc20/purchase -> gateway.erc20.purchase(erc20_address, account, password, amount_wei)

Smart Vault

See available gateway APIs endpoints


Lightstreams provides one public gateway endpoint running over Lightstreams test network, Sirius:


You also can run your own local node of lightstreams smart vault. Follow the instructions here



npm i

Recompile lib from src

npm run build

Sample project

Bugs, Issues, Questions

If you find any bugs or simply have a question, please write an issue and we'll try and help as best we can.

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