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Igo Hatsuyoron 120 Special Net Pre-release
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This is not exactly a release of KataGo itself, but rather an upload of a specially trained neural net that should understand and be able to provide strong analysis for Igo Hatsuyoron 120. This is the same neural net that was behind the analysis here:

You should be able to run it yourself with existing versions of KataGo (, by swapping it out for the usual KataGo neural net file.
Note: if you use it, don't trust KataGo's score prediction, on this problem it will not be good. Instead, adjust komi and watch the winrate.

It should also still play normal games at a superhuman level too, although I have not directly tested its normal-game strength. Due to having focused training on this one tsumego, it is probably weaker than the standard 20-block net (here) that has been out for a while. But if somehow turns out to be stronger, that wouldn't entirely surprise me - feel free to try it!