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MonoDevelop is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for mono
and Gtk#. See for more info.
Directory organization
There are two main directories:
* main: The core MonoDevelop assemblies and add-ins (all in a single
* extras: Additional add-ins (each add-in has its own
To compile execute:
There are two variables you can set when running 'configure':
--prefix=/path/to/prefix: To set the install prefix.
you can use --prefix=`pkg-config --variable=prefix mono` to get MD
installed with the rest of mono/gtk-sharp/etc.
--profile=profile-name: To choose one build profile.
There are some predefined profiles:
* stable: builds the MonoDevelop core and some stable extra add-ins.
* core: builds the MonoDevelop core only.
* all: builds everything
You can create your own profiles if you need to. To create a profile you
only have to add a file to the profiles directory containing a list
of the directories to build.
You can run MonoDevelop from the build directory without having to
install it by executing:
make run
Installing is currently optional.
(Use make run to use MonoDevelop without installing.)
make install
(It's possible that you need to install for your locale to be
correctly set.)
Packaging for OSX
To package MonoDevelop for OSX in a convenient
file, just do this after MonoDevelop has finished building (with
cd main/build/MacOSX
Mono >= 2.10
Gtk# >= 2.12.8
monodoc >= 1.0
mono-addins >= 0.6
MonoDevelop web site
Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) standards
Integrating with GNOME (a little out of date)
Discussion, Bugs, Patches
------------------------- (questions and discussion) (track commits to MonoDevelop) (track MonoDevelop bugzilla component) (submit bugs and patches here)