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CFPropertyList implementation
class to read, manipulate and write both XML and binary property list
files (plist(5)) as defined by Apple. Have a look at CFPropertyList::List
for more documentation.
== Example
require 'cfpropertylist'
# create a arbitrary data structure of basic data types
data = {
'name' => 'John Doe',
'missing' => true,
'last_seen' =>,
'friends' => ['Jane Doe','Julian Doe'],
'likes' => {
'me' => false
# create CFPropertyList::List object
plist =
# call CFPropertyList.guess() to create corresponding CFType values
plist.value = CFPropertyList.guess(data)
# write plist to file"example.plist", CFPropertyList::List::FORMAT_BINARY)
# … later, read it again
plist = => "example.plist")
data = CFPropertyList.native_types(plist.value)
Author:: Christian Kruse (
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2010
License:: MIT License
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