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Study unit : Information Security Development Project II

This project has been made to demonstrate how to exchange encrypted and anonimous messages between different OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android).

The project is divided in 3 parts :

  • the server
  • the desktop client app
  • the Android app


To compile and execute the project, you need to install different tools


Desktop app

  • Import the project in eclipse
  • Modify the file desktop/src/laurea_project/ to put the right address of your server
  • run

Android app

  • Import the project in the Android SDK
  • Modify the file android/Laurea-Project/src/fr/ligol/laurea_project/ to put the right address of your server
  • run


Before tu use the client apps, you have to run the server. All the encrypted messages will transit on the server.

In a command line :

  $> node app.js