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Envconfig is a plugin for MyBB to overwrite settings using environment variables. This is especially useful when you want to run a copy of your forum installation in different environments (think production vs local development).


  • Enable the plugin in the ACP
  • Figure out the name of the setting you want to overwrite (you can find them in the database or in inc/settings.php)
  • Set environment variables for your PHP processes (naming scheme: MYBB_SETTINGS_<all caps setting name>)


I want to do development on a site and I need to regularly import dumps from my production site. Since most of the forum settings are stored in the database, importing a dump will overwrite all settings that I may have changed to make things run locally. Changing the inc/settings.php file will work most of the time, but that file will be regenerated in various situations. So I would like to be able to change settings in my local environment while still running a straight copy of my production site.

So to make things easier, I'm using docker-compose to run MyBB using a php-fpm image. To make the site work locally there are two key settings that need to be changed: bburl (used to generate URLs on the site) and cookiedomain (used for the session cookies, e.g. when logging in). So I set two environment variables (using the naming scheme shown earlier) named MYBB_SETTINGS_BBURL and MYBB_SETTINGS_COOKIEDOMAIN.

version: '3'
    image: php:7-fpm
      - ./mybb:/var/www/html
      - MYBB_SETTINGS_BBURL=http://forum.localhost:8070

The plugin will attempt to make it obvious to admins which settings were overridden. See the screenshot below:
Screenshot of MyBB ACP

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