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Dask ML on Kubernetes (GKE)

dask-kubernetes creates a Dask cluster on Google Container Engine. It uses Google Cloud Storage bucket to store your notebook for persistence so there is no need to use a persistent volume.

How to use

  1. Create a GCS bucket for storing your notebooks
  2. Change c.GoogleStorageContentManager.default_path in to your GCS path
  3. Create a GKE cluster of your choice (Recommend 2CPU 7.5G or larger each node), make sure turn on legacy authorisation mode
  4. kubectl apply -f ./kube/
  5. Connect to service using port forwarding kubectl port-forward svc/svc-notebooks 8888:8888, or use the public ip from kubectl get svc
  6. Start using cluster!
    from dask_kubernetes import KubeCluster
    # See a sample worker spec in `config/worker-spec-sample.yaml`
    cluster = KubeCluster.from_yaml('...your yaml path')
    cluster.scale(3)  # the desired number of nodes
    from dask.distributed import Client
    client = Client(cluster)

How to customise the image

  1. Change the Dockerfile, build your image, and push it to any of the image storage service.
  2. Change the image name in 30-deployment.yaml file
  3. Apply your kubernetes configuration
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