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Haoyi's Resume

This is a small demonstration of how to use Ammonite's new Scala Scripts, which are available in the latest snapshot build of Ammonite.

To build, download the Ammonite executable as described in the documentation for Ammonite's Snapshot Builds:

curl -L -o amm && chmod +x amm

And run


That should generate the output as a single file, with the images in-lined as base64, in target/resume.html. The first time you run it it'll be slow compiling things but after that it should be cached and relatively snappy (<1s).

The documentation linked above also contains explanations for what the various magic imports mean:

The code comprises two files, which imports, using these magic imports:

import ammonite.ops._ // This is a normal import; `ammonite.ops` comes bundled with Ammonite

import $file.Styles, Styles.MyStyles._ // import the `Styles` file, then everything from `Styles.MyStyles`

// import the scalatags artifact, then everything from `scalatags.Text.all._`. 
// width/height are imported specifically to avoid ambiguous imports from name collisions
import $ivy.`com.lihaoyi::scalatags:0.6.0`, scalatags.Text.all.{width, height, _}

These are features new to the Ammonite REPL, available in the Snapshot Build (which is stable and published to maven central etc.) and will be rolled out in a stable release in a week or two.

This repo was converted to Ammonite's Scripts from an SBT project, over the last two commits

The purpose of this new script-file runner is to allow you to write small re-usable Scala programs without the boilerplate hassle of setting up an SBT project and putting everything in src/main/scala/mypkg/. Just write a .sc file, import any other .sc files or ivy artifacts you want, and run it using ./amm.


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