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@@ -86,6 +86,23 @@ res3: os.Path = root/'Users/'lihaoyi/'Github/'blog/'post
res4: os.Path = root/'Users/'lihaoyi/'Github/'blog

Note that you can only append single path segments to a path using the `/`
operator on strings, e.g. this is not allowed:

@ os.home / "Github/blog"
os.PathError$InvalidSegment: [Github/blog] is not a valid path segment.
[/] is not a valid character to appear in a path segment. If you want to parse
an absolute or relative path that may have multiple segments, e.g. path-strings
coming from external sources use the Path(...) or RelPath(...) constructor calls
to convert them.

As the error message suggests, you need to use the [os.RelPath](#relative-paths)
constructor in order to construct a relative path of more than one segment. This
helps avoid confusion between working with individual path segments (as
`String`s) and working with more general relative paths (as `os.RelPath`s)

You can also use the special `os.up` path segment to move up one level:


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