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  1. +8 −2 post/7 - Planning Bus Trips with Python & Singapore's Smart Nation
@@ -12,9 +12,17 @@ basic programming and data-science techniques, we will build a trip planner to
find the shortest bus commute from A to B, but powered by real data and bounded
by real-world limitations.
+From registering an API key, fetching data from an endpoint, sanitizing and
+understanding the data, implementing algorithms like a [Breadth First Search]
+or [Dijkstra's Algorithm], and refining search. You'll get a full tour of the
+process involved in making good use of public datasets!
[LTA Data Mall]:
[Singapore Smart Nation]:
+[Dijkstra's Algorithm]:
+[Breadth First Search]:
@@ -3325,8 +3333,6 @@ people can still follow along.
- [services.json](SmartNation/services.json)
[Priority Queue]:
-[Dijkstra's Algorithm]:
-[Breadth First Search]:
[Geography of Singapore]:
[HTTP Status Code]:

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