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@@ -25,11 +25,16 @@ The way that most programs interact with the Unix terminal is through [ANSI
escape codes]. These are special codes that your program can print in order to
give the terminal instructions. Various terminals support different subsets
of these codes, and it's difficult to find a "authoritative" list of what every
code does.
code does. Wikipedia has a [reasonable
listing]( of them, as
do many other sites.
Nevertheless, it's possible to write programs that make use of ANSI escape
codes, and at least will work on common Unix systems like Ubuntu or OS-X
(though not Windows, which I won't cover here and is its own adventure!):
(though not Windows, which I won't cover here and is its own adventure!). This
post will explore the basics of what Ansi escape codes exist, and demonstrate
how to use them to write your own interactive command-line from first
- [Rich Text](#rich-text)
- [Colors](#colors)

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