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@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ def pageChrome(titleText: Option[String], unNesting: String, contents: Frag): St"@media (max-width: 48em) {${NarrowStyles.styleSheetText}}"),,
@@ -40,15 +40,23 @@ The earliest working code I could find dates back from 2004.
I was 15 years old, and had just learned programming in secondary-school.
I would eventually pick up a huge number of various programming-in-Java books,
write a 3D combat flight simulator, learn C#, pick up Python, PHP & Javascript
in MIT, become involved in [Open-Source Scala] stuff, and get a job at Dropbox.
in MIT, become involved in the [Open-Source Scala] community, and get a job at Dropbox.
However, at the time, there I was with 1 year of Java lessons in school, and
probably having worked through a single book, *Java in Easy Steps*:
It wasn't just myself which was younger in 2004, the entire field was younger.
In 2004, Java was on version 1.4. [The Scala language barely existed].
[Facebook had just started] writing their world-changing website in PHP,
possibly because at the timeweb frameworks like [Ruby on Rails] and [Django]
did not exist.
In this case, the 2004 code is a 2D Asteroids clone, written in Java.
I had written earlier programs: for class, for my own amusement, but
none of them survive in an intact state today.
I had written earlier programs: for class, for my own amusement. Those include
some pretty elaborate console applications: I had a complete 2D-grid
console-based Dungeons-&-Dragons game implemented at one point. But none
of those earlier works survive in an intact state today.
Here's how it begins:
@@ -577,4 +585,8 @@ Hopefully you've enjoyed the journey!
[Scala collision detection code]:
[Virtual Dom]:
[Google Go]:
[Google Go]:
[Ruby on Rails]:
[Facebook had just started]:
[The Scala language barely existed]:

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