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  1. +4 −1 post/23 - Scala Vector operations aren't "Effectively Constant"
@@ -2,7 +2,10 @@ One oft-repeated fact is that in the Scala language, immutable Vectors are
implemented using a 32-way trees. This makes many operations take `O(log32(n))`
time, and given a maximum size of `2^31` elements, it never takes more than `6`
steps to perform a given operation. They call this "effectively constant" time.
This is even part of the [official Scala documentation].
This fact has found its way into [books](,
[blog posts](,
[StackOverflow answers](,
and even the [official Scala documentation].

While this logic sounds good on the surface, it is totally incorrect, and
taking the logic even one or two steps further illustrates why. This post will

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