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## Four Facets of Good Open-Source Libraries
- **Bay Scala Meetup** *29 Apr 2017*
- **SF Scala Meetup** *28 Apr 2017*
- **New York Scala University Meetup** *26 Apr 2017*
- [Video](
- [Slides](../post/Four-Facets-of-Good-Open-Source-Libraries.pdf)
Creating a popular open-source library such as Ammonite, FastParse, or
Scalatags is a lot more than just writing Scala code. This talk will explore
both the code and non-code aspects of building such a library: designing the
public API, the role of tests/documentation, and how to think about the three
tensions of consistency, transparency, and intuitiveness that often pull your
API design in different directions. From this talk you will hopefully learn
everything about designing a library apart from writing code.
## Anatomy of a Full-Stack Scala/Scala.js Web Application
- **Scaladays Chicago** *20 Apr 2017*
- [Video](
- [Slides](../post/Anatomy-of-a-full-stack-Scala-Scalajs.pdf)
This talk will explore the inner workings of a real-world, moderately-sized
"Isomorphic" Scala/Scala.js web app: running Scala on the server and Scala.js
in the browser.
In this talk, you will see how the Scala.js developer experience changes as an
application grows, how a non-trivial Scala/Scala.js application can be
structured, and how the "Isomorphic" property of the Scala/Scala.js stack
affects how you write code in reality. By the end you should have seen enough
to form an impression of how a real-world Scala/Scala.js application ends up
looking in-the-wild, compared to what a more traditional Javascript-based web
app may look like.
## Taming the Java Virtual Machine
- **FOSS Asia** *19 Mar 2017*
- **Chicago Scala Meetup** *19 Apr 2017*
- [Slides](../post/Taming-the-Java-Virtual-Machine.pdf)
This talk will explore the hidden dynamics of the Java Virtual Machine. We will
explore the world of memory layouts, garbage collection, JIT compilation,
walking through the behavior of many real-world code examples. By the end of
this talk, you should be much more familiar with the inner workings of the JVM
that many of us take for granted, and hopefully will be better prepared to
respond next time your Java application goes bump in the night.
## Intro to Scala.js
- **Singapore Scala Meetup** *28 Mar 2017*
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