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@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ mix of horizontally and vertically laid out structures: e.g. `["red", "green",
width, while `["cyan", "magenta", "yellow", "black"]` is vertically laid out
because if laid out horizontally it would overshoot. This layout makes maximal
use of the horizontal space available while also formatting things vertically
where necessary, resulting in compact output that is easy to read.
where necessary, resulting in *compact* output that is easy to read.

While there are some variety in exactly how things should be formatted - e.g.
some people prefer closing braces on the same line as the enclosing statement -
@@ -662,7 +662,14 @@ whole output in memory could easily take a long time.

## Conclusion

The describe `prettyprint` algorithm is currently being used in my Scala
The key insight behind this `prettyprint` algorithm is that for this common kind
of indentation-based mixed horizontal/vertical layout, you can make layout
decisions in a streaming fashion with only a bounded amount of buffering. This
gives the pretty-printer very predictable runtime characteristics, and allows it
to be used in a streaming fashion on very large data structures without
accumulating a corresponding very-large-string in memory.

The described `prettyprint` algorithm is currently being used in my Scala
[PPrint]( library, though extended in a few
incidental ways (colored output, infix nodes, etc.). It is also used to display
values in the [Ammonite Scala REPL](, and I have used it to
@@ -678,4 +685,5 @@ with a plain string representation and (2) nested nodes, with a prefix, suffix,
and a list of children with separators. This means simple formats like JSON or
the subset of Python shown are trivially supported, while the core algorithm can
be easily extended with additional `Tree` subclasses to support additional
syntax such as infix operators, bin-packed lists, or other constructs.
syntax such as infix operators, bin-packed lists, vertical-aligned indentation,
or other constructs.

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