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Smart Scholar for Emacs



I haven’t have chance to look into Melpa, so currently you are going to install from GitHub. You can do this easily with striaght.el. Basically, you will need to do:

(use-package smart-scholar
  :straight (smart-scholar :type git :host github
                           :repo "lihebi/smart-scholar.el"))

Related work

ECCV missing papers

@inproceedings{2014-ECCV-Zeiler-Visualizing, title={Visualizing and understanding convolutional networks}, author={Zeiler, Matthew D and Fergus, Rob}, booktitle={European conference on computer vision}, pages={818–833}, year={2014}, organization={Springer} }



(use-package smart-scholar
  :straight (smart-scholar :type git :host github
                           :repo "lihebi/smart-scholar.el")
  (setq smart-scholar-html-dir "~/github/smart-scholar-dist/html")
  (setq smart-scholar-pdf-dir "~/github/smart-scholar-pdfs")
  (setq smart-scholar-bib-dir "~/github/smart-scholar-dist/bib")
  (setq smart-scholar-manual-bib-dir "~/github/research/bib/"))

Then, use M-x smart-scholar to fire up the UI.


download html

generate bib from html

load/unload bib

download pdf

support major CS conferences

It cost time to download html and generate bib files. You can also download the final bib files

AI conferences

Neural Science


  • [X] ICRA: International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • [X] TRO: IEEE Transactions on Robotics
  • [ ] ICAPS: International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
  • [X] IROS: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

Image Processing

  • [X] CVPR
  • [X] ICCV
  • [X] ECCV


  • [X] CL
  • [X] ACL
  • [X] EACL
  • [X] NAACL
  • [X] EMNLP

Programming Language:

  • [X] PLDI
  • [X] POPL
  • [ ] TOPLAS


  • [X] SOSP
  • [X] OSDI

Quantum Computing: TODO

For each of them, the package will manage

  • crawl the website for a bib file list, for each year
  • for each bib entry, figure out what is the pdf link
  • download pdfs automatically, in background
  • do all these at once

Also, I noticed that downloading htmls and pdfs from publishers website is likely to be very slow, due to the visit limit of the publishers. Thus, I might want to store a git mirror of all webpages of these conferences. There might be copyright issues, but I think for webpages that is fine.

The pdf cannot be mirrored: they are too large and has copyright concern.


better loading granularity

E.g. loading conf by year