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GettingStarted Get up and running using the Lumberjack Framework
ARC Supporting ARC files in a non-ARC project
XcodeTricks Using different log levels for Debug and Release builds
XcodeColors Use colors in the Xcode debugging console
CustomFormatters How to write your own custom formatters
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Performance Analysis of performance with benchmarks
ProblemSolution Common issues you may encounter and their solutions


Architecture Lumberjack internals & overview
CustomContext Taking advantage of logging contexts
CustomLoggers How to write your own custom loggers
CustomLogLevels How to add or customize log levels
PerUserLogLevels Different log levels per developer


DynamicLogLevels Dynamically changing log levels during run-time
FineGrainedLogging When you need something more advanced than simple log levels
LogFileManagement Compress your log files, or upload them to a server