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ObjectAL for iPhone and Mac

Mac and iOS Audio, minus the headache.

So you want to add audio to your app. Usually your audio needs are something like:

  • Play, Pause, Stop, Loop
  • Volume, Pitch, Pan, Mute
  • Maybe some "power user" stuff, such as preloading and session control

But you want more than that.

  • You want it to be intuitive and easy.
  • You want to get up and running fast.
  • But most of all, you want it to JUST BLOODY WORK!

ObjectAL removes the pain.

ObjectAL shields you from the nastiness of audio programming on iOS and Mac.

  • It knows how to manage audio sessions.
  • It knows OpenAL and AVAudioPlayer.
  • It knows what bugs are in which OS version, and how to work around them.
  • It knows how to navigate the arcane APIs and perform the right incantations.

ObjectAL layers all that craziness away, giving you a clean, object oriented, Objective-C interface that just works.

With ObjectAL, the simple is easy, and the complex is possible.

Find Out More



Documentation: ObjectAL.pdf (in the repository) or



Repository: git clone

ObjectAL, copyright 2009 Karl Stenerud, released under the Apache 2.0 license