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[DEPRECATED] Alternative Hello World Bundle for Symfony2 using several FriendsOfSymfony Bundles
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This bundle is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork it if needed.


  1. Add this bundle to your composer.json:

     $ php composer.phar require liip/hello-bundle:dev-master
  2. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

     // application/ApplicationKernel.php
     public function registerBundles()
         return array(
             // ...
             new Liip\HelloBundle\LiipHelloBundle(),
             // ...

Alternatively download and install the following Symfony2 Standard Edition fork:

    $ git clone
    $ cd symfony-standard
    $ git checkout techtalk

What is this?

Just a very simple example bundle using services for controllers and the following Bundles:

  • FOSRestBundle / JMSSerializerBundle
  • FOSUserBundle
  • DoctrinePHPCRBundle
  • LiipContainerWrapperBundle
  • LiipImagineBundle
  • LiipDoctrineCacheBundle
  • LiipThemeBundle
  • LiipHyphenatorBundle
  • NelmioApiDocBundle