Add {% hyphenate %} ... {% endhyphenate %} tag #6

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I wrote an extension that also adds a tag, a filter isn't that useful for most pages IMHO.

If you use my fork of Org_Heigl_Hyphenator ( you can just put {% hyphenate %} ... {% endhyphenate %} around your entire HTML page.

(This is more of a comment and not really an "issue", I figured you might want to know about it and save some duplicate work)...


Twig already supports applying a filter to a whole block:

{% filter hyphenate %}
{% endfilter %}

And a filter is the best way according to the semantic of Twig. The hyphenator modifies the value which is the role of a filter. A tag is about modifying the structure of a template

Liip member

in that case i am closing the ticket ..

@lsmith77 lsmith77 closed this Sep 12, 2011

I wasn't aware of the "{% filter hyphenate %}" construct :-) Thanks for pointing that out.

Liip member

btw .. i just added an example to the README

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