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## Outside the web root
When your setup requires your source images to live outside the web root, or if that's just the way you roll,
-you can override the DataLoader service and define a custom path, as the third argument, that replaces
-`%liip_imagine.web_root%` (example here in XML):
+you have to set the bundle's parameter `data_root` in the `config.yml` with the absolute path where your source images are
+``` yaml
+ liip_imagine:
+ data_root: /path/to/source/images/dir
+Afterwards, you need to grant read access on Apache to access the images source directory. For achieving it you have
+to add the following directive to your project's vhost file:
``` xml
-<service id="" class="">
- <tag name="" loader="filesystem" />
- <argument type="service" id="liip_imagine" />
- <argument>%liip_imagine.formats%</argument>
- <argument>%kernel.root_dir%/data/uploads</argument>
+ <VirtualHost *:80>
+ <!-- Rest of directives like DocumentRoot or ServerName -->
+ Alias /FavouriteAlias /path/to/source/images/dir
+ <Directory "/path/to/source/images/dir">
+ AllowOverride None
+ Allow form All
+ </Directory>
+ </VirtualHost>
-One way to override a service is by redefining it in the services configuration file of your bundle.
-Another way would be by modifying the service definition from your bundle's Dependency Injection Extension:
+Another way would be placing the directive in a separate file living inside your project. For instance,
+you can create a file `app/config/apache/photos.xml` and add to the project's vhost the following directive:
-``` php
- ->replaceArgument(2, '%kernel.root_dir%/data/uploads');
+``` xml
+ <VirtualHost *:80>
+ <!-- Rest of directives like DocumentRoot or ServerName -->
+ Include "/path/to/your/project/app/config/apache/photos.xml"
+ </VirtualHost>
+This way you keep the file along with your code and you are able to change your files directory access easily or create
+different environment-dependant configuration files.
+Either way, once you have granted access on Apache to read the `data_root` files, the relative path of an image with this
+absolute path `/path/to/source/images/dir/logo.png` must be `/FavouriteAlias/logo.png` to be readable.
## Custom image loaders
The ImagineBundle allows you to add your custom image loader classes. The only

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