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Dec 5, 2015


Merge pull request #140 from xabbuh/patch-1
prefer stable versions in installation docs

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Jun 7, 2015


as we increased the min symfony version, lets bump minor version too

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Apr 23, 2015


Merge pull request #123 from wizhippo/theme-aware-filesystem-loader
Add theme aware file system loader

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Feb 2, 2015


Merge pull request #115 from XWB/crash
Fixed crash in FileLocator

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Jan 27, 2015


ensure we set the user agent

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Jan 21, 2015


Merge pull request #112 from liip/rawkode-bugfix/windows-phone-user-a…

Rawkode bugfix/windows phone user agent detection

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Aug 29, 2014

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Apr 15, 2014


Merge pull request #94 from codingmusica/bug/cascorder0
Changed the order of arguments in array_merge_recursive() to prioritize ...

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