[WIP] update to use more of standard create.js #19

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dbu commented Jun 14, 2012

this is a WIP, do not merge yet.

  • removing lots of unused images and files. the image and link plugin for hallo have been merged upstream and those should be used.
  • use create.js to actually handle the page

you can check this in action by using the update-liipvie-create branch of the cmf-sandbox. symfony-cmf/cmf-sandbox#88 and then manually update the vendor/liip/vie-bundle/src/Liip/VieBundle repository to the latest version of the update-create branch.

things that remain to be done:

create tags dialog

  • (/) wait for @bergie to fix bergie/create#90 or ask him for help to fix it ourselves
  • (hackfix) toolbar location incorrectly calculated (shifted a bit to the right) => figure out if its our fault, fix it wherever appropriate
  • (who cares) background overlay lost
  • (/) z-index edit indicator, styling edit indicator

image dialog

  • (problem with hallo) after the image dialog was open, create does not close properly anymore
  • (/) image drag+drop broken again. go to search and just click ok, then try to move the image
  • (todo) the suggest tab does not show up
  • (mostly good now) styling issues

note on link dialog: use the simple one provided by stock hallo, and enable the annotate link plugin if we want to enrich content with links that match the content

can be done later:

  • hallo toolbar and long text bergie/hallo#81
  • window resize event toolbar location bergie/hallo#82
  • (fixed by update) one formatting button appears on a new line without good reason

dbu referenced this pull request Aug 6, 2012


[WIP] Liip create bundle #20


dbu commented Sep 13, 2012

@lsmith77 so this is as good as it gets for now. if you think this is acceptable, please merge. i will create issues for the points once we move to SymfonyCmfCreateBundle with the other PR

  • remove commented out css code
  • image insertion:
    • fix inserted image size
    • make the drag highlight stuff work again
    • fix close button of img dialog
    • re-build suggestions tab

lsmith77 commented Sep 13, 2012

havent tested this .. but nothing jumps at me as problematic


dbu commented Sep 13, 2012

actually it seems i sometimes get the image inserted twice, once at the desired size and once without size constraints. this needs some love from a js expert that can read coffee script too.


lsmith77 commented Sep 25, 2012

deprecated in favor of SymfonyCmfCreateBundle

lsmith77 closed this Sep 25, 2012


dbu commented Sep 25, 2012

ported over all relevant comments to tickets in CreateBundle

dbu referenced this pull request in symfony-cmf/cmf-sandbox Oct 3, 2012


Update liipvie create #88

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