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PicShare is an android lib that allows you to easily add an improved share functionnality to your app

  • Let the user choose a picture from the phone's library
  • Optionally allow the user to crop the picture
  • Optionally add an inlay on the chosen picture
  • Optionally display a preview of the cropped, inlaid picture before sharing


In your root build.gradle in repositories, add like this:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

Note that this goes under allprojects and NOT under buildscript

In your app build.gradle, add a dependency to picshare

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.liip:PicShare:1.0.0'


Optional: if you want to add your dynammic custom view on top of the chosen image

// Extend InlayViewProvider. Your xml resource with id 'viewResourceId' will be inflated for you and passed in the populate function 
// In this example, we know that the view contains a TextView called textViewDemo and we want to set the date to it
class InlayCustomProvider(viewResourceId: Int) : InlayViewProvider(viewResourceId) {

        private val date: Date = Date()

        override fun populate(view: View, context Context) {
            view.textViewDemo.text = context.getString(R.string.shared_date, date)

To run: simply call the startSharing function with the desired options

// Import the library
import ch.liip.picshare.sharing.sharing.options.CropOptions
import ch.liip.picshare.sharing.sharing.options.PreviewOptions
import ch.liip.picshare.sharing.startSharing

// Create options for crop
val cropOptions = CropOptions()
                    .setFixedSize(1024, 1024)

// Create options for inlay. Pass your own layout resource.
// If your layout needs to have some values set dynamically, pass a custom InlayViewProvider subclass (see optional code above).
val inlayOptions = InlayOptions(InlayViewProvider(R.layout.inlay))

// Create options for preview
val previewOptions = PreviewOptions()

// Start the sharing with the given context (Usually 'this' to pass the current Activity context.)
// The image will be resized down to fit in the provided maxSizeX and maxSizeY if needed
// You can pass null to any other option (Crop, Inlay, Preview) to completely disable the corresponding step
startSharing(this, 1024, 1024, "my share panel", "my shared image", cropOptions, inlayOptions, previewOptions)

Color options: You can impact the rendering by adding a resource file called picshare_colors.xml and setting your own colors for the following names

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <color name="text_color">#ff0000</color>
    <color name="primary_color">#00ff00</color>
    <color name="secondary_color">#0000ff</color>


If you checkout the sources, you can run the sample app to test the library


This library uses Yalantis/uCrop for cropping. UCrop is distributed under the Apache2 license

Future work

The ideas below are only possible improvements without any guarantee to ever be implemented. Feel free to write to show interest or suggest ideas

  • Add a custom crop functionnality so PicShare stops depending on an external library
  • Allow more flexibility in customizing the views
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