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use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Dir;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use Test::More tests => 7;
my %conf = @ARGV;
my $content;
$content = get_url_success('test-phpinfo.php');
($content) = $content =~ /this machine runs: (\w+)/;
is($content, $conf{current_test_arch}, "current_test_arch");
$content = get_url_success('test-mcrypt.php');
is($content, "This is very important data\n", 'mcrypt');
$content = get_url_success("test-mysql.php?mysql_socket=$conf{mysql_dir}/mysql-test.sock");
like($content, qr/Resource id #\d+, test value: 2/, "mysql connection");
$content = get_url_success("test-openssl.php");
like($content, qr/BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY/, "openssl");
$content = get_url_success("test-mhash.php");
like($content, qr/The hash is \w{32}/, "mhash");
$content = get_url_success("test-domxml.php");
like($content, qr#<root><node/></root>#, "DOM XML");
sub ua {
return LWP::UserAgent->new();
sub get_url_success {
my ($path) = @_;
my $url = "$conf{base_url}/$path";
my $response = ua()->get($url);
if (!$response->is_success()) {
die "Request to '$url' failed: " . $response->status_line();
return $response->decoded_content();
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