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Mahara RPM packaging
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This readme provides some basic information on how to setup up RPM packaging
for a Mahara project.
The packaging mechanism allows you to wrap your Mahara project into an
RPM package and thus gives you easy deployments and dependency management.

These scripts have been tested on CentOS. They should work out of the box on
RedHat. To use them on Fedora you might have change the RPM spec file
specifically you will need to adapt the dependencies to work on Fedora.
To be able to build RPM packages you will need to install the package
which is available from the standard repository.

Next you will of course need to have git clone of mahara:
git clone git://

You probably should have at least a local branch to manage any
customisations you intend to do. In the project directory do:
git checkout -b my-mahara-project -t origin/1.4_STABLE

Now you need to add the rpm packaging code as a submodule:
git submodule add git:// htdocs/rpm

git submodule init
git submodule update

Next go to the 'htdocs' directory and run the following command to setup you

This asks you for the project name, your full name and your email address
which are necessary to setup the packaging.
After running this command succesfully you will have a Makefile and a
changelog in your 'htdocs' directory. Both files should be committed to
version control.

Before you can build your first package you need to create an annotated tag.
The packaging mechanism uses the latest tag to create a version number.

git tag -a -s mah14-mysite-site-2011070701

How you actually name your tags is mostly up to you. But you must add the
date at the end in the form YYYYMMDDNN where 'NN' is just a counter that
allows you to create several releases on the same day.

Once you created a tag you can start building your first package by simply
typing 'make' in your 'htdocs' directory.
After the build process has run through you'll have an RPM package in

You can now install this package on a RedHat or CentOS server.
After the installation you still need to do the following steps:
* create a database user and database
* edit the Mahara config.php and add database information and dataroot
* edit apache conf in /etc/httpd/conf.d/<my-mahara-project>.conf and set the

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