Buy Padchat Token

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1. Why we charge for token

Different Puppet means different implement of wechat protocols. You can choose the protocal you like, see more

We chose not to open source all the code about puppet-padchat, originally intended to enable this puppet to provide longer-term stable WeChat access services.

While, we have to pay more for server, and the fee is charged to ensure the basic operation and subsequent maintenance of the service.

2. What does token mean?

One puppet-padchat token means that you can use one WeChat account to access WeChat service. There will be a separate server to start and maintain the connection.

3. How to buy token

请加微信 13141321843

4. Price

200 RMB/month/wechat

If you need more, it can be cheaper. After you buy token, we will invite you to beta custom wechat room to answer your questions.

Before 2018-8-1, buy one get one free.

5. Disclaimer

Please confirm you are not related with the following tasks, or we will block the token and won't refund any money.

  1. Gambling
  2. Adault & Sex
  3. TaoBao

Also. padchat is for more stable than web solution, but we don't promise 100% stable and never blocked by wechat.

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