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Development versions

Experimental versions

Version 0.0.7, Under Development

  • Move anaconda recipe to a separate directory to avoid building unintended programs
  • Build anaconda package from github master branch instead local path

Version 0.0.6, 2019-11-04

  • experiment with Raspberry Pi deployment
  • fix transforms bug during inference
  • simplify CPIC model
  • enable batch size during deployment
  • reorganize dataset module
  • create new examples based on functional programming interface
  • temporarily disable progress bar during data export

Version 0.0.5, 2019-05-01

  • fix setup.cfg bug (tests_require instead of test_require)
  • sync meta.yaml and setup.cfg for consistent build
  • documents improvements
  • put packaged datasets in a separate module
  • wenchuan dataset packaged (link disable temporarily for release grant)
  • mariana dataset packaged (link disable temporarily for release grant)
  • redo numpy memmap related block
  • add export_dataset() method to BaseDataset
  • add obspy I/O support w/ tests
  • mariana dataset from source w/o tests
  • add prgress bar for export_dataset() method in BaseDataset
  • fake scipy.special.expit to simplify dependency
  • partially fake tqdm.tdqm to simplify dependency

Version 0.0.4, 2019-04-18

  • single source installation metadata in setup.cfg
  • improve Makefile for automation
  • use Scipy as an extra for special transforms
  • add pre-commit for automaticall commit checking
  • add CHANGELOOG.rst
  • add is_valid() and handle_invalid to yews.datasets.BaseDataset
  • add yews.datasets.utils to handle urls and bz2 files.
  • add yews.datasets.wenchuan
  • add memory limit to yews.datasets to determine when to load the entire dataset into memory.

Version 0.0.3, 2019-04-18

  • imporove documentation
  • move documentation to a separate repo for Netlify automatic deployment
  • add Makefile for automatic release

Version 0.0.2, 2019-04-17

  • add logo
  • revamp yews.transforms with unittest
  • add sphinx docs
  • add CI tools: travis-ci
  • add CI tools: appveyor
  • add CI tools: codecov
  • add release in conda-forge
  • add release in anaconda cloud
  • add yews.transforms.ToInt

Version 0.0.1, 2019-04-10

  • first experimental release
  • add yews.datasets
  • add yews.transforms
  • add yews.train
  • add yews.models for CPIC models
  • add an example for Wenchuan aftershock dataset
  • add release in pypi
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