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#DeepI2P: Image-to-Point Cloud Registration via Deep Classification



PyTorch implementation for our CVPR 2021 paper DeepI2P. DeepI2P solves the problem of cross modality registration, i.e, solve the relative rotation R and translation t between the camera and the lidar.

DeepI2P: Image-to-Point Cloud Registration via Deep Classification
Jiaxin Li 1, Gim Hee Lee 2
1ByteDance, 2National University of Singapore


The intuition is to perform the Inverse Camera Projection, as shown in the images below. overview_1 overview_2

Repo Structure

  • data: Generate and process datasets
  • evaluation: Registration codes, include Inverse Camera Projection, ICP, PnP
    • frustum_reg: C++ codes of the Inverse Camera Projection, using Gauss-Newton Optimization. Installation method is shown below. It requires the Ceres Solver.
    python evaluation/frustum_reg/ install
    • icp: codes for ICP (Iterative Closest Point)
    • Python code for Inverse Camera Projection, which utilizes the per-point coarse classification prediction, and the frustum_reg solver.
    • Python code for PnP solver utilizing the per-point fine classification prediction.
  • kitti: Training codes for KITTI
  • nuscenes: Training codes for nuscenes
  • oxford: Training codes for Oxford Robotcar dataset
  • models: Networks and layers
    • 'index_max_ext': This is a custom operation from SO-Net, which is the backbone of our network. Installation:
    python models/index_max_ext/ install
    • Network to process images. It is a resnet-like structure.
    • Network to process point clouds, it is from SO-Net
    • Network to fuse information between point clouds and images.

Dataset and Models