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Wordpress Plugin for Virtual Airlines Manager (VAM)
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VAMwp is a Wordpress plugin that provides integration with a Virtual Airlines Manager ( installation on the same server. VAMwp 1.0.1 is the current version of the plugin which supports VAM 2.6.2. The stable version is 1.0.0 and is recommended for production use.

VAMwp provides a set of widgets which can be included in any Wordpress site using any theme to create a rich Wordpress-Based web site for a virtual airline. The roadmap is to allow complete management of the VAM airline from within Wordpress without the need for end-user visitors or pilots to access the VAM administration portal -- which would only be needed for managing the airline itself by airline staff.

At this time, the widgets provided allow the creation of a visitor-facing web site presenting a rich set of widgets to present pilot rosters, fleet details, hubs, and flights. These widgets can be combined in many different combinations in most Wordpress sites.

Future releases will provide widgets to allow pilots to book flights, file PIREPs, manage their accounts and more.

VAMwp was originally built for the launch of the new Finnair Virtual airline ( but is now being packaged and released to the wider VAM and Wordpress community.

The plugin is also available on GitHub for download as unpackaged source code at Documentation of VAMwp is available on GitHub in the project's Wiki.

It is worth noting that VAMwp is a work-in-progress. As such it has some limitations:

  1. The current version presumes Wordpress and VAM are installed on the same server in the same virtual host (i.e. under the same base url such as The typical installation pattern is that the VAM installation directory would be at /vam/ and the Wordpress site would occupy the root directory of the site.
  2. To fully integrate the user experience with VAM currently requires the creation of a set of rewrite rules for mod_rewrite (if using Apache as an HTTP server) or equivalent for nginx or other HTTP servers. This is to allow links from various widgets to redirect away from the back-end VAM portal (if desired). This is explained with an example in the documentation but is not required to use the plugin.
  3. There is an underlying assumption that users of the plugin fully understand how to use VAM and their VAM installation. The plugin and its documentation in no way simplifies or supports the installation of VAM and the configuration of a virtual airline based on the VAM platform. Users needing support to install, configure and manage VAM should refer to the VAM documentation and the VAM help and support forums.
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