HTTP API and Web Client of awesome Likeastore application.
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HTTP API and Web Client of awesome Likeastore. application.


Install few things required for development.

Mocha is used for unit testing,

$ npm install -g mocha

Client package manager,

$ npm install -g bower

Grunt build system,

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

After all developer dependencies are installed,

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ grunt

Run application (make sure your mongod is running),

$ node app.js


Please keep in mind that all current work commits are pushed to development branch.


To run full test suite,

$ npm test


Application requires collector component to be up and running, to collect users data.

Clone collector app,

$ git clone

Run tests,

$ npm test

Run collector,

$ node app.js

Useful tools / tips

  • To quickly clean up developers database, run
$ node tools/cleanDb.js