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ISCN Specification Proposal

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ISCN Specification Proposal (abbreviated as ISP) is a guideline to guide the contributors to help to propose to improve ISCN specification.


To create a new proposal, please follow the following steps:

  1. To post the proposal to issue with ISP number as same as the issue number
  2. Using the title in the format: ISP <ISP number>: <tilte>
  3. Using the following template to start with:
ISP: <ISP number>
Title: <tilte>
Status: Draft
Created: <date>

## Motivation


The stages of the ISP are Draft and Final.

Draft stage

The draft proposal will discuss within the issue, and the authors should help to reach a consensus between all participants. Once it has done, the authors need to create a pull request corresponding to the draft proposal.

The most updated draft proposal goes to the ISP draft wiki page.

Final stage

After merging the pull request, the proposal will go to the Final stage, and the final proposal goes to the ISP final wiki page.