jQuery plugin that adds support of `progress` promise
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jQuery Ajax Progress

Lightweight jQuery plugin that adds support of progress and uploadProgress promises to $.ajax()



npm install jq-ajax-progress


git clone git@github.com:likerRr/jq-ajax-progress.git

How to use

Include src/jq-ajax-progress.min.js inside your html after jQuery script

Basic usage

$.ajax(url, {
    progress: function(e) {
      // track downloading
    uploadProgress: function(e) {
      // track uploading
      // if (e.lengthComputable) {
      //   var completedPercentage = Math.round((e.loaded * 100) / e.total);
      //   console.log(completedPercentage);

Extended usage

When you have to send a chunked data to client in some cases it would be good to track what part have just received. For this purposes use boolean option chunking (false by default). If it's set as true, then the second parameter in callback function will be a chunk part.

By default all chunked response contains whole text response that already received and you should manually cut it if you need to do something with parts. One of a possible case when you send big text or media response from server to client and you don't want your client wait for whole response.

Keep in mind, that under the hood whole response is being cut from the beginning (from zero index) until last part's occurrence, so big amount of data (theoretically) may cause a performance troubles. But... just keep in mind :)

$.ajax(url, {
    chunking: true,
    progress: function(e, part) {


Install node

Run npm install && npm run build

This will minify library and put it inside src folder