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Code for RSS2018 paper on the Grounded Semantic Mapping Network
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Grounded Semantic Mapping Network

This is the repository linked in the paper: "Following High-Level Navigation Instructions on a Simulated Quadcopter with Imitation Learning" Valts Blukis, Nataly Brukhim, Andrew Bennett, Ross A. Knepper and Yoav Artzi (RSS 2018)

** It has moved to the following location: Dynamic Robot Instruction Following **

The above linked repository combines the code for GSMN and our later work on PVN (Position-Visitation Networks) from the paper: "Mapping Navigation Instructions to Continuous Control Actions with Position-Visitation Prediction" Valts Blukis, Dipendra Misra, Ross A. Knepper and Yoav Artzi (CoRL 2018)"

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