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Leafer's Gold Stars

Leafer's Gold Stars is equal parts motivational and competitive scoreboard between friends to award and earn stars. Users are able to store a list of event items within a variety of categories to keep track of stars earned. It provides a user registration and authentication system with defense against cross-site request forgery. Registered users (anyone with a Facebook or Google account) have the ability to post, edit and delete their own items. Created by Marie Leaf. It uses SeaSurf Flask extension to prevent cross-site request forgery.

Developed CMS using the Flask framework in Python. Authentication is provided via OAuth and a PostgreSQL database is used. Deployed on Google App Engine. Google App Engine Endpoints API used to build Python backend to support web and Android-based app. iOS in development.

Table of contents

Quick start

  • Download the latest release.
  • Ensure you have Vagrant Machine, and Virtual Box installed.
  • Initialize the VM via vagrant up
  • Connect to the VM via vagrant ssh
  • (Optional) Obtain your own Google/Facebook oAuth API keys.
  • (Optional) Inside the VM, export your own API keys to files: 'client_secrets.json' and 'fb_client_secrets.json'.
  • Navigate to catalog directory cd /vagrant/P3_goldstars
  • Run python to launch the server
  • Go to localhost:5000 to use the app locally!


Marie Leaf


  • Iterative Development
  • Mock-ups
  • Frameworks + Databases
  • Routing + url_for
  • Templates + Forms
  • CRUD Functionality
  • API Endpoints + JSON Messages
  • Styling with CSS + * Message Flashing
  • Local Permission Systems

API Endpoints

To access JSON endpoints use the routes below.

Route to '/domains.json'

def domainsJSON()

Returns a list of all domain names and their ID numbers.


  • None taken

Route to '/domains/int:domID/events.json'

def domeventsJSON(domID) Within specified domain, returns a list of all event names and their description, ID number, number of stars, and category.


  • domID : ID number of domain

Route to '/domains/int:domID/events/int:eventsID.json'

def eventJSON(domID, eventID)

Returns the name, description, ID number, number of stars, and category of a specific event.


  • domID : ID number of domain
  • eventID : ID number of event
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