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4330484 : improve javadoc StringBuffer.append()
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lilian-benoit committed May 29, 2021
1 parent 964bac9 commit e5f4c10
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Expand Up @@ -570,7 +570,11 @@ public AbstractStringBuilder append(Object obj) {
* at index <i>k</i> in the old character sequence, if <i>k</i> is less
* than <i>n</i>; otherwise, it is equal to the character at index
* <i>k-n</i> in the argument {@code str}.
* <p>
* This method prevents overflow by ensure capacity necessary. It is
* calculated by addition of current length of sequence of characters
* and length of {@code str}.
* @param str a string.
* @return a reference to this object.
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