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CropImage.NET (originally WebCropImage)

Simple, flexible, and configurable image cropping for ASP.NET.

This control does not directly generate markup (although it creates javascript references).

Add this control to a page that already contains an Image control, then set the CropImage.ImageID property to link them.

Basic settings

  • ImageID="Image1" - (required) ID of the Image control to be cropped.
  • CanvasWidth=integer - (required) The maximum display width for the uncropped image. If larger, the image will be scaled down (for display), maintaining aspect ratio.
  • CanvasHeight=integer - (required) The maximum display height for the uncropped image. If larger, the image will be scaled down (for display), maintaining aspect ratio.
  • ServerSideResize=True|False (Defaults to False)- Enables server-side resizing of uncropped images. Greatly increases client-side performance.
  • JpegQuality=0..100 - Adjust the jpeg save quality. The default is 90, a very good balance with no visible artifacts.
  • ForcedImageFormat=jpg|png|gif - If set, forces all images to be converted to the specified format instead of retaining their original format.

Getting the result

There are several ways of getting the result.

  1. Use the 'CroppedUrl' property. This property will return a URL to the dynamically cropped image. This is the preferred method, as it is non-destructive - however, must be installed in Web.config.
  2. Use the 'Crop(saveAsPath)' method. This will save the cropped image to the given physical path.
  3. Access the X, Y, W, and H properties.

Crop rectangle values

  • X, Y, W,H, X2(readonly), Y2(readonly), - Gets or sets the crop coordinates for the image. Note that if ServerSideResize=True, these may be relative to CropXUnits and CropYUnits instead of the original image size. You CAN set X,Y,W, and H if you want to set the default selection.
  • (readonly) CropXUnits - The width of the image used when cropping, when ServerSideResize=True.
  • (readonly) CropYUnits - The height of the image used when cropping.
  • (readonly) CroppedUrl - If provides a URL to the dynamically cropped image (requires to be installed)

External Preview Settings

  • EnablePreview=True/False - When true, enables the preview window. You must also set the PreviewImageID value to the ID of a div or panel control.
  • PreviewImageId="PanelOrDivID" - The ID of the preview div or panel (NOT img tag). The preview div doesn't need to have any content.
  • PreviewWidth=integer - The width of the preview
  • PreviewHeight=int - The Height of the preview

Constraining the crop rectangle

  • MaxSize=w,h - Maximum permitted crop size, in "w,h" format. See CanvasWidth and CanvasHeight for the maximum display size of the image being croppe
  • MinSize=w,h - Minimum permitted crop size in "w,h" format.
  • Ratio="16/9" or "1.3" - The aspect ratio to enforce on the cropping rectangle. Defaults to the original aspect ratio, but only enforced if FixedAspectRatio=true. May be a fraction like 16/9 or a decimal like 1.3
  • FixedAspectRatio=True|False - If true, the cropping rectangle will be forced to the original aspect ratio of the image (or 'Ratio', if set). Defaults to false. Not consulted if FixedAspectRatioCheckboxID is specified; the checkbox's value will be used instead.
  • FixedAspectRatioCheckboxID="Checkbox1" - The ID of a checkbox to change the FixedAspectRatio setting. If set, FixedAspectRatio is ignored; the checkbox's default value is used instead.

Customizing the javascript includes

  • ScriptPath="~/scripts" - The path to the folder containing jquery, jcrop, and the jcrop css file. Defaults to ~/scripts/
  • DebugMode=True|False - When set, uses human-readable javascript instead of minified versions
  • IsInUpdatePanel=True|False - Set this to true if the control is within an update panel, so the scripts can be registered properly. Defaults to false.
  • JQueryInclude=None|Google|ScriptFolder|Embedded - (Defaults to Google CDN-hosted version, falling back to to embedded WebResource.axd method when internet connection or firewall problems interfere.)
  • JCropInclude=None|ScriptFolder|Embedded - Control how (or if) JCrop javascript is automatically refereced. Defaults to embedded WebResource.axd method.
  • JCropCssInclude=None|ScriptFolder|Embedded - Control how (or if) JCrop css is automatically refereced. Defaults to embedded WebResource.axd method.
  • WebCropInclude=None|ScriptFolder|Embedded - Control how (or if) webcropimage.js is automatically refereced. Defaults to embedded WebResource.axd method.

How to use server-side resizing?

You'll need to make a web.config change - follow the instructions at

Then, set ServerSizeResize="true" on the control.

This will make large images load MUCH faster when cropping, and use much less browser memory. Large images will crash mobile devices unless you are using server-side resizing.

How to force the cropping rectangle to preserve the aspect ratio of the original image?

Set FixedAspectRatio="true". If you want to allow the user to control the setting, set FixedAspectRatioCheckboxID to the ID of a Checkbox control.

If you want to set a specific aspect ratio instead of using the original, set Ratio="16/9"


CropImage.NET V5 - The replacement for WebCropImage V4.2



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